Finding a unique place among many restaurants and cafes where food and drinks can please your palate is priceless. One of such places is surely the restauran -cafe Bajamonti, located in one of the most intriguing Mediterranean squares, Prokurative.

It was named after one of Split’s most meritorious mayors, Antonio Bajamonti who, in 1859, built the most modern Dalmatian Theatre of the 19th century, today’s restaurant-cafe. A few decades later after it was built, the theater burned down and the cinema was opened on the ground floor. The square, however, remained an important cultural center. In the summer months, Prokurative, which are surrounded by red and white colonnades and greatly resemble Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, became the stage for the Festival of popular music which has often hosted Italian singers; Claudio Villa, Gina and Paolia Zanicchi to name a few. In the vicinity there is also the City Youth Theatre.

Due to the fast pace of technology development, the cinema closed down and the restaurant-cafe was opened in its place. The interior of the restaurant – cafe with carefully selected paintings from the cinematic past bears witness to its past. Wanting our guests to feel as comfortable as possible, every detail was carefully chosen; the flowers on the tables change with the changing of the seasons. In winter, you will be welcomed with poinsettia, and in spring and summer, flowers whose colours will surely brighten up your day.

The restaurant-cafe Bajamonti always offers more. Throughout the year, two to three times per week, there are concerts of various artists, wine tastings and exhibitions. And, if you do want to present your own product or exhibit your works, our kind staff will kindly accommodate your ideas.



The restaurant is listed among the best Croatian restaurants which speaks volumes about its excellence. The menu offers a wide selection of meat and fish dishes, which will acquaint you with the Mediterranean cuisine in a special way. Our four chefs combine traditional and modern; you can enjoy the octopus salad with melon or tuna with dates and Asian vegetables in a wok.

Fish is of course freshly delivered from the nearby fish market. And if you are in the mood for a lobster, you can choose one yourself in the fish tank at the entrance to the restaurant. Food lovers willing to try different specialties can occasionally enjoy foreign cuisine daily menus or daily menus of Croatian and world-renowned chefs. Our menu changes according to the fish hunting season since different fish is caught at different hunting season.

The wine list of the restaurant-cafe Bajamonti tells the story of the creation of a superior place where everyone can find something for themselves. Sommeliers have not been forgotten. We offer a selection of sixty red and white, exclusively Croatian wines divided by region. Some dessert wine or sparkling wine comes from Portugal or Spain, and champagnes from their homeland France.

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Prokurativa d.o.o.
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